Fumes + Dust

The Problem

The current issue in the construction industry is that no companies are providing an end to end solution to occupational illness. With millions of workers across the globe having their long term health and wellbeing affected by various hazards on site, it's time a change was made for the better, to protect and the save lives. 

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 Our solution

Trieste are here to prevent occupational illness with an end to end solution. Supporting you every step of the way with market-leading, innovative technology, we can strategically position and implement specific controls around your site. Whether it's monitoring, noise pollution or dust control, the DeFENDer range can mitigate and control any airborne related hazard. 

Why Choose Defender?



Products that are easy to install and monitored for real-time feedback and data

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End To End Solution

From consultation, to install controls, to monitoring and data collection, Trieste is the one shop that does it all. 

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We're One Of You

From construction for construction. Our owners have been in the industry for 20+ years and understand what it's like. 


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